Tired of buffering and poor Wifi?

Modern living demands good access to WiFi,  and whilst broadband routers are becoming more efficient its still very clear that many households suffer from poor wifi coverage .The usual scenario is that the router has historically been fitted in the hall whilst the family mostly lives in the kitchen diner area ,and will then struggle for connection.

We have experience in improving and extending reception via hard wired access points which we will program to run seamlessly throughout your property.

We are also able to pre wire a new build property  or during a refurbishment, with this facility in order to make the cable work less intrusive ,the access points ( unifi ) can then be placed in suitable positions on the network.

Sky Q is a good example of the need for good quality WiFi coverage as its relies heavily upon it for streaming program content. Sky engineers have recently come around to hard wiring the q and mini boxes where ever possible, as they were having so many complaints about buffering program content. We are also able to fit an outdoor access point so that the garden area has coverage too .

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